Kenilworth Methodist Church

Kenilworth Uyogo Friendship Link

The Kenilworth-Uyogo Friendship link (KUFL) started in 1979, when the people of Kenilworth raised over £2,400 for its International Year of the Child project, to enable a mother and child clinic to be built and equipped in the village of Uyogo, in the Tabora Region of Tanzania.

A Mother & Child Clinic was completed in 1982. Since then Kenilworth has maintained a friendship link by correspondence, exchange visits to Uyogo and raising funds to equip the clinic, the annual supply medicines and support of other projects.

The friendship link has built two new nurses’ houses and new classrooms, dedicated to the late Eric Deal, a founder member of the group, and a member of KMC. It also sponsored village nurse Joyce Ongati enabling her to complete a doctor’s course in Dar es Salaam.

Since then, the assistance provided by KUFL has expanded!

KUFL works closely with the local Uyogo community and the local government to identify projects that will make the most difference. Materials and labour are supplied locally, helping to stimulate the local economy. Ongoing work with Kenilworth School, gives Kenilworth school pupils the opportunity to learn about Uyogo, Tanzania and to contribute significantly to KUFL’s aims.

Recent and ongoing projects include:                                      Uyogu school children

Uyogo school bikes

Uyogo water supply

Further details of KUFL can be seen on the website