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The Bible

The Bible is God's word written down, but it is not a dead dry book.

The power of the Holy Spirit is alive within the words and between the lines. Every time you read a passage He may bring out a different message that is totally appropriate to your circumstances on that day.

Thus we think of the Bible as God's living word.

Many people struggle to read the Bible (which is a terrible shame as there are so many great stories in it), often by getting stuck in the formal and unfamiliar language. To help you choose one that suits your background/age, here is a very brief and personal summary of some different version of the Bible.

Select one and read it - they all contain the same message!

Good News Bible

(aka The Bible in Today's English Version.)
Everyday language, great line drawings that bring the text to life. This is the version normally used in our Church Services.

New International Version

Very accurate translation from the original languages, clear and straightforward. The NIV Study Bible has copious notes that really illuminate the passages.

Youth Bible

Good news for young people and adults too.

The Message

The New Testament was written in the street language of its day. So is The Message, presenting the New Testament like you've never read it before - God's word jumps off the pages and hits you right between the eyes!

Authorised Version (King James)

For centuries this was The Bible in the English speaking world. Before the AV most ordinary people had no access to God's word because it was only in latin or greek. The language contains wonderful flowing poetry, but unless you studied grammar and Shakespeare at school this is not going to be an easy read.

Revised Standard Version

A solid 1950's revision of the AV from original texts which maintains much of the character of the AV while updating the language 300 years.

New English Bible

This 1970's revision is now looking dated in comparison with the GNB and NIV.

If you want to find out more click the link below:-

Bible Study Tools

Bible Study Tools