Special Events

The Race is On:  Secrets and Solutions of Climate Change

Film l Discussion l Refreshments & Networking

7.30pm on Wednesday 18th September. 

The Race is On - Aerial photo of the river Thames

Join us for the screening of a new 40 minute documentary film co-produced and presented by James Dyke, who will be with us for the evening to answer questions and lead discussion. His film exposes the disturbing assumptions at the heart of all governments’ plans to avoid disastrous climate change, but also looks through the eyes of four world-leading experts at how humanity can still rise to the challenge and ensure a flourishing future.  You can watch a 2-minute trailer here: 

Dr James Dyke is an academic, writer and public speaker.  The founder and host of TEDxSouthampton and a popular speaker at other environment and science events, he is a senior lecturer in the Global Systems Institute at Exeter University and co-chair of Sustainability Science at Southampton.


This event is jointly organised by Kenilworth All Together Greener and KMC’s Wider World Group.  Seats are FREE and we are not issuing tickets so if Facebook users would help by visiting our Facebook event here and clicking to say you’re “üGoing“ that would be much appreciated.