Kenilworth Methodist Church

Letter from Rev. Jeongsook Kim, July 2020

Dear Friends,   

I hope you have been keeping well.

This year will long be remembered for our dedicated National Health Service doctors and nurses who have continued to work long hours at risk to their own lives. 

Anne-Marie Plas, who started the Thursday claps for all NHS workers, is one of several individuals and organisations who have called for the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the NHS to be commemorated across the nation with a one-off clap on Sunday 5th July at 5pm.

You are invited to come together to say the biggest thank you possible for all those who are helping us get through a difficult time in the NHS and beyond.  So please return to your doorsteps one more time next Sunday and stay a little longer to spend some time with your neighbours at a safe distance. In addition, please put a candle on a window sill in memory of all those who have died throughout the pandemic.   The tragic loss of life of those suffering from covid-19 continues, however, causing grief and despair, so we all need to continue to help and support each other.  

At this time of the year I like to link holidays and holy days – and encourage everyone to enjoy the wonder of creation and new life even in the midst of ‘lock-in’.

For trees, flowers, insects and birds etc, life carries on as normal! Is it my imagination, or are our wild birds singing louder and clearer this year? I am told that it could be due to the world around us being much quieter – hardly a plane in the sky, and less traffic on the roads.

But perhaps, somehow, we can still feel a sense of joy in the natural world – and when it’s safe to do so visit favourite places on a sunny day, and join with the birds in welcoming a different kind of world which seems to be emerging from the ‘old one’. 

I look forward to the day when our church can reopen.

May God bless you all and give you strength for each day


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