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Lent Ideas2021

40 Acts of Wellbeing and Kindness for Lent.

Starting on Wednesday 17th February 2021 and ending Saturday 3rd April 2021.
- Lent lasts for 40 days (excluding Sundays)

Lent can be traditionally seen as a time to give something up, this year for many it feels like we have already given up so much.
As the pandemic rolls on it is important to consider our own physical and mental health and how we can help each other cope during the lockdown periods and other restrictions which have cost us so much.

We are all involved with this and I would like to offer 40 Acts of Wellbeing and Kindness for Lent.

This is not a competition! It is not a requirement to do one each day, it is a time to be kind to yourself and others.

Below there are 40 Acts which you can copy and print off.  The aim is to do one each day, ticking them off as you complete them.  You can do them in any order, either following the list or you could cut them out and pick one out each day.

If you are not able to do one you pick out but would like to do it another day, just put it aside until you can do it. 

Extra choices!
There are 2 sets of alternative acts
that you might like to use instead of some on the main list or if you like a challenge you could do some double up days!

God Bless
Graeme Russell
Church and Community Missioner
Warwick, Whitnash and Wellesbourne Methodist Churches
South Warwickshire Methodist Circuit


Go or look outside and notice 5 things that are beautiful


Listen to a piece of music without doing anything else


Stop and just watch the sky or clouds for 10 mins today


Think about and pray for all those who are facing an uncertain or challenging future.


Research a place you would like to visit


Make a list of up to 10 amazing things you take for granted


Bring to mind all the people you love and care about


Donate to a charity (one you know or find out about a new one)


Take your time.  Make space to just breathe and be still


Leave positive messages where you will see them regularly


Be willing to share with others how you feel and ask for help when needed


Look at photos from a time with happy memories


Notice the things you do well today, however small


Today remind yourself that you are loved and worthy of love


Find a caring phrase to say to yourself when feeling low (Remember that it’s ok to be not ok)


Get active, go outside if you are able, and give your mind & body a natural boost


Focus on the basics: eat well, exercise and go to bed on time


List 3 things you appreciate about yourself


Think differently! Find a new way to use one of your strengths or talents today


List 3 good/positive things to look forward to this year


Write a list of 10 things you feel grateful for in life and why


Say something encouraging to the people you meet or talk with today


Thank somebody you are grateful to and tell them why


Think of climate change and make a list of what you can do to make a difference


Get back in contact with a friend you haven’t heard from in a while


Write down your hopes and dreams for the future


If you go out today smile at people and brighten their day.


Say hello to a neighbour and get to know them better.


Ask a friend how they have been feeling and listen to what they say


Light a candle in memory of old friends


Share a message you find helpful or inspiring


Tell your loved ones why they are special to you


Look for the good in people, even when they frustrate you


Appreciate the good qualities of someone in your life


Respond kindly to everybody you talk to today, including yourself – Try not to say anything negative.


Take some time to do some Bird watching – can you name all the birds you see?


Do some gardening or plant some seeds


Go outside or look out of window during the evening and marvel at the stars


Do something creative – for example do some crafting or fixing something.


You choose! Make one up or repeat one you have enjoyed doing.


Extra choices 1




Call a friend or family member you have not spoken with for a while


Organise a virtual ‘tea break’ with friends or colleagues


Let a family member have control of the TV remote


Switch off all your tech 2 hrs before bedtime


Family time!  Play a board game together.



Have a device free day.


All about Mum! Make a Mother’s Day Card


Send 2 friends a ‘Thinking of you’ message 


Send Thank you messages to good friends, supporters, teachers or mentors.


Paint rocks/stones and place them in your garden or hide them in the local area.




Extra choices 2




Start Lent in prayer

– ask God to help you each day.


Pray for all who are persecuted.


Pray for the unemployed and for all who feel desperate.


Think about those who are in hospital.

– pray that they will be strengthened.


Pray the Lord’s Prayer.

How can you make your bit of earth more like heaven?


Have courage in your faith in God – share it with others!


Fast today as you think about the cross

– just have a simple meal and water.


Jesus prayed with and for his disciples.
Pray for your friends today.


Jesus prayed in the Garden of

Spend some quiet time today.


Reflect/Remember your favourite Bible story




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