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Please use the following link to reach the South Warwickshire Circuit Facebook page.  Without needing to log in to Facebook, you can click on the box that says "Greetings" and you will be taken to Peter Powers' YouTube channel.   There you will find several past Sunday services and the Holy Week reflections.  

Also available is a pastoral letter for Holy week which can be downloaded here, and is reproduced I full at the bottom of this page

The following links will take you to the script for each day's reflections and to a set of devotions that you can also download for your own personal use

Script for Monday April 6th

Devotions for Monday

Script for Tuesday April 7th

Devotions for Tuesday

Script for Wednesday April 8th

Devotions for Wednesday April 8th

Script for Thursday April 9th

Devotions for Thursday April 9th

Script for Good Friday

Devotions for Good Friday

Script for Easter Saturday

Devotions for Easter Saturday note this is a two part devotion for morning and evening

Script for Easter Sunday   and Easter letter from Peter Powers

Devotions  for Easter Sunday morning

Devotions  for Easter Sunday evening   

Devotions for Easter Monday

South Warwickshire Circuit Registered charity no. 1154830                           Superintendent Minister: Rev. Peter Powers

12th April 2020

Easter Day

No one would have predicted just a few short weeks ago that all our churches would be closed on Easter Sunday, of all days, and that we would not be able to gather to celebrate and remember the resurrection of Jesus. It is a reminder that tomorrow is unknown to us, though fully known to God. It is at times just such as this that those who are wise put their trust in the Lord. Trust is sometimes very hard. Those closest to Jesus found it so. When it came to it trusting in all he had said and done fell away ad he was left alone. It fell, as it often does, to the women to safeguard that trust by doing as they had always done. It was their culture and custom that gave them the surprise and joy of Easter morning. They would have gone to the tomb anyway. For they had to do what was right in seeing to the body. The symbol of the ‘Body of Christ’ is such an important metaphor for the church. Especially in these days when church can no longer be buildings. We are forcefully reminded that The Church is the body, the people of God, worshipping Jesus and serving him wherever we are.

One of the things we have become more aware of is the great numbers of people who cannot gather in church week by week when life is not on lock down. Their restrictions are more often to do with age and infirmity than with a specific health risk brought on by a very infectious virus. Those who are confined to their homes or to residential or nursing homes actually make up about a third of our adult membership. They may receive one to one pastoral visits, but these cannot replace the joy of gathering with others for worship. We face the challenge of how to continue to make use of old and new technology to share more fully with them. Watch this space!

We gather apart to mark what will, when we look back, a very special and memorable Easter Day. Overleaf you will find a list of other places to receive blessings vis TV and radio. We share them with you especially for all those not on the Internet.

A reminder that if you are in pastoral need of any kind please contact your own Minister direct by email or phone. We may also be able to arrange practical help with shopping and so on. Our details are below. If in any doubt, please contact Rev. Peter Powers and he will link you up with help locally to you.

Rev. Barbara Greenwood 01926740846  

Rev. Audrey Simpson 01789267971  

Rev. Jeongsook Kim 07741461060  

Chris Flood 07772 292033  

Rev. Jemima Strain 07969345389  

Rev. Sam McBratney 07706586860  

Rev. Richard Wilde 07971218356  

Rev. Peter Powers 07941328155  

There are plenty of opportunities to join in worship if you have the internet. We are encouraging everyone to link up with the live stream worship being offered by the Birmingham District via FaceBook on Sunday mornings at:  

In addition, we will be offering services online on the Circuit’s own FaceBook page and on YouTube. The links are below:  

A full text of this service is also available at this link and is being sent by post to all those people who do not use the Internet so they can join in too. These two worship opportunities will be available and sent to you every Sunday.

We will be offering worship in a similar way each Sunday as the health crisis continues.  Please lso note the following services on TV and radio

Radio 4, Sunday Worship, Sunday 8:10am                                            BBC1, Sunday Worship, Sunday 10.45am                                                BBC 1, Songs of Praise, Sunday 1:15pm                                                Radio 3, Choral Evensong, Sunday 3pm                                                 Radio 4 Long Wave, Daily Service, 9.45am Monday-Friday

Please do not hesitate to contact any of us.  

Keep safe.   Keep caring.   Keep praying.

With every blessing to you and yours.

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