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With effect from 7.30pm on Saturday 31st October, plans for Kenilworth Methodist Church to be open for worship at 10.00 have been put into temporary suspension.

                              Kenilworth Methodist Church Stewards                                                                                        South Warwickshire Circuit Registered charity no. 1154830                                                                          Superintendent Minister: Rev. Dr. Iain Ballard

 22nd November 2020

When I read the gospel for this Sunday, Matthew 25:31-46, I am reminded of the old story of a monastery which had fallen on hard times. Numbers were down, with only one or two a year seeking to join the order and visitors no longer came there to be nourished by prayer. The monks grew tetchy with each other. No one appreciated Brother Joseph’s cooking and those who had come in from working on the farm tramped their mud all over the floors that Brother Anselm had spent hours cleaning; the zeal had gone from their worship. Everyone went to sleep with a heavy heart. 

The worried Abbot told his brothers he was going to seek the advice of a wise man who lived nearby. The wise man told the Abbot that when the community was next gathered for prayer he should simply say five words and then sit down. 

The next day at prayers the Abbot stood up, the brothers waited to hear what the wise man had told him. The Abbot looked each of his brothers in the eye and simply said ‘The Messiah is among us.

 In the days that followed, the monks pondered this riddle, and wondered what it could mean. The messiah is among US? Who could it be? 

Almost imperceptibly at first things began to change. The odd thankyou was returned to Br. Joseph who in turn started to use some tasty new ingredients to spice up his cooking. The brothers started to use the boot scraper by the door and take off their boots before going into the main building, and in turn Br. Anselm began to cut fresh flowers from the garden and place them in the hall way to greet them as came in from the farm. Gradually laughter could be heard as the brothers took their exercise. Worship seemed to have more life about it. Over time their compassion for each other grew. No longer was their service and appreciation of each other a chore to be done in case the person was the Messiah. Rather it became a pleasure to help each other. 

The Abbot went to see the wise man again and said ‘You were right – the Messiah is indeed among us, when you look carefully you can see the Lord’s image in each and every one of us.’ 

Every blessing 

Audrey Simpson

Link to Circuit Meeting Bulletin for October 2020

Sunday Worship and Daily Prayers                                   Sunday Worship: 

There are plenty of opportunities to join in worship if you have the internet. We are encouraging everyone to link up with the live stream worship being offered Birmingham District via FaceBook on the 1st and 3rd Sunday mornings at 10:30 am: 

Circuit Service 

The Circuit continues to provide a pre-recorded service each week, via YouTube, Facebook and our website.

Change of YouTube account:

Please note, the Circuit now has its own YouTube account (it’s no longer piggy-backing off Peter’s), which means that the URL has changed.  Please access the YouTube video by clicking the following link or typing it into your browser:

In addition, we will be offering services online on the Circuit’s own FaceBook page or via the website:



A full text of this service is available at the FaceBook link and on the website, and is being sent by post to all those people who do not use the Internet so they can join in too. These worship opportunities will be available and sent to you every Sunday. We will be offering worship in a similar way each Sunday as the health crisis continues.

TV & radio opportunities for worship:

Radio 4, Sunday Worship, Sunday 8:10am,
Radio 4 Long Wave, Daily Service, 9.45am Mon-Fri,
Radio 3, Choral Evensong, Sunday 3pm.
BBC1, Sunday Worship, Sunday 10.45am,
BBC 1, Songs of Praise, Sunday 1:15pm

Dale Street are offering prayers via Zoom on a Wednesday morning 11am for the 4 week of lockdown. For details of how to connect to these ring 07716 202209 

Daily prayers at 10am are led by members of the circuit via zoom All members of the Circuit are invited to join, you do not need a zoom account to join. You can also join by telephone. Please contact Michael Sharman on 07412 401988 if you’d like help getting in. 

TakeTime Meditations: Join us on a five week journey to discover the power of Christian mindfulness meditation. Taketime meditations use your imagination to provide a calm, comfortable space in which to meet God. The mediations run for 5 weeks starting on Thursday 29th October 2020 at 3 pm. Join via Zoom: . Please contact Graeme Russell on if you would like help getting in.

Reminder: Dial – a – Prayer, Methodist Church

Listen to a prayer:       0808 281 2514

Listen to news:            0808 281 2478

Pastoral Support

A reminder that if you are in pastoral need of any kind please contact your own Minister direct by email or phone. We may also be able to arrange practical help with shopping and so on. Our details are below.

If in any doubt, please contact Rev Dr Iain Ballard and he will link you up with help locally to you.

Rev Dr Iain Ballard                            07368 875790          

Rev. Barbara Greenwood 01926740846  

Rev. Audrey Simpson 01789267971  

Rev. Jeongsook Kim 07741461060  

Rev. Jemima Strain 07969345389  

Rev. Sam McBratney 07706586860  

Rev. Richard Wilde 07971218356  

Chris Flood                                          07772 292033          

Keep safe. Keep caring. Keep praying.

With every blessing to you and yours.

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