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Reopening of KMC for Sunday Morning Services 

We are pleased to announce that KMC is reopening for Sunday Morning Services

Rev David Greenwood April 18th at 10 am

 Rev Dr Iain Ballard April 25th at 10 am 

Ms Sheila Brown May 2nd at 10am

Mr Tim Pearson May 9th at 10am

Everyone will still have to observe the 2 metres social distancing rules at all times, we will not be able to sing, and we will have to wear masks while we are in the building, but we will be able to meet together for an act of gathered worship.

 There will not be any provision for Creche or for Junior Church for the present, and the number of people who can safely attend will have to be limited. 

To ensure that we do not exceed capacity, seating for each service all seats will have to be pre-booked, and you can do this by telephone, ideally between Monday and Friday during the week before the service. 

 To book your seats, please phone Sally on 07779 384387 

 We are working to ensure that your attendance at our services will be as safe as it can possibly be, but, as ever, you must make your own decision as to whether or not you choose to attend, in accordance with Government guidance and your own medical situation.

 We look forward to being able to welcome our congregation back into our building to experience gathered worship again after what has been a long andifficult year for so many of us. 

                              Kenilworth Methodist Church Stewards                                                                                        South Warwickshire Circuit Registered charity no. 1154830                                                                          Superintendent Minister: Rev. Dr. Iain Ballard

 18th April 2021

The Gospel reading set for today describes one of Jesus’ appearances to the disciples after the resurrection. He shows them the wounds on his body, he eats a piece of fish and reminds them of the prophecies which said that the Messiah must suffer and die. And then we are told that he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. 

We human beings love to debate, and argue, and persuade and convince. But many of the decisions we make are not made based on pure logic or rational thought. They are made with our hearts, our gut, our feelings. We can study and learn many things, but there are some things which can only be known through experience. 

They come to us in a mysterious way, and once known, they cannot be unknown. What does love feel like? You can try to express it, but your words will never do justice to the felt experience. This is what faith is fundamentally about. People can argue for and against the existence of God, the deity of Christ, the reality of the resurrection – and perhaps you have taken part in some of those arguments. But when you know, you know. If you have met the post-resurrection Jesus – however fleetingly, and however long ago – it is something you will never be able to shake. Remember that experience – as I’m sure the disciples remembered their encounter with him for the rest of their lives. 

In the reading, Jesus appears suddenly, while they were talking about the experience two of them had had on the road to Emmaus. We do not always know where God will meet with us. We assume it will be when we are consciously seeking him, but that is not always the case. Have your eyes peeled and your heart ready to be opened. Be ready to welcome him, for you do not know when or how he will come to you. Perhaps it will be as you read through this service today? 

Every blessing, 

Rev Barbara Greenwood 

Reminder: Dial – a – Prayer, Methodist Church 

Listen to a prayer: 0808 281 2514 Listen to news: 0808 281 2478 

Sunday Worship and Daily Prayers 

There are plenty of opportunities to join in worship if you have the internet. We are encouraging everyone to link up with the live stream worship being offered by the Birmingham District via FaceBook on the 1st and 3rd Sunday mornings at: 

Circuit Service 

The Circuit continues to provide a pre-recorded service each week, via YouTube, Facebook and our website – see below for details: 

Change of YouTube account:

Please note, the Circuit now has its own YouTube account, which means that the URL has changed. Please access the YouTube video by clicking the following link or typing it into your browser:  or if this doesn’t work, try the long version:

If you regularly watch the Circuit Service, do consider subscribing to the Channel.

Rev Jemima, Michael Sharman & Graeme Russell have created Family Worship Time video which is available from 9:15 am on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month through our YouTube Channel – and can be accessed here: 

again if this doesn’t work, try the longer version: 



A full text of this week's service is available at the FaceBook link and on the website, and is being sent by post to all those people who do not use the Internet so they can join in too. These worship opportunities will be available and sent to you every Sunday. We will be offering worship in a similar way each Sunday as the health crisis continues.

TV & radio opportunities for worship:

Radio 4, Sunday Worship, Sunday 8:10am,
Radio 4 Long Wave, Daily Service, 9.45am Mon-Fri,
Radio 3, Choral Evensong, Sunday 3pm.
BBC1, Sunday Worship, Sunday 10.45am,
BBC 1, Songs of Praise, Sunday 1:15pm                                   
(The times of the TV services can alter, please check the times)

Daily prayers at 10am are led by members of the circuit via zoom All members of the Circuit are invited to join, you do not need a zoom account to join. You can also join by telephone. Please contact Michael Sharman on 07412 401988 if you’d like help getting in. 

Pastoral Support

A reminder that if you are in pastoral need of any kind please contact your own Minister direct by email or phone. We may also be able to arrange practical help with shopping and so on. Our details are below.

If in any doubt, please contact Rev Dr Iain Ballard and he will link you up with help locally to you.

Rev Dr Iain Ballard                            07368 875790          

Rev. Barbara Greenwood                 01926740846  

Rev. Audrey Simpson                       01789267971       

Rev. Jeongsook Kim                         07741461060  

Rev. Jemima Strain                           07969345389  

Rev. Sam McBratney                         07706586860  

Rev. Richard Wilde                            07971218356  

Chris Flood                                         07772 292033          

Keep safe. Keep caring. Keep praying.

With every blessing to you and yours.

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