It is with great sadness that we must inform you that all services have had to be cancelled until further notice due to the Covid 19 epidemic. 

We will keep you advised about alternative arrangements to enable you to watch services via live streaming and by other such means.

Please also be aware that we are publishing links to daily devotions on the "Services week of..." pages

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                                         South Warwickshire Circuit Registered charity no. 1154830

                                                  Superintendent Minister: Rev. Peter Powers

24th May 2020

Alleluia! Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ. Our prayers continue to give us comfort and hope during these times of trial. Those of us who have been at funerals will know that they are a shadow of what they would be because of the gathering restrictions, which at most crematoria are down to a mere handful of immediate family. Sadly, not even family can embrace other family members if they do not come from the same household. It is heart breaking to see. These experiences have got me thinking about the term ‘household’. It is not used that much as we fall back on the somewhat more restrictive term ‘family’ much more often. In these days, however, household is coming back into use recognising the different lock down situations folk are in. In New Testament Greek the term ‘oikos’ is used by St. Paul to illustrate the nature of what we might call ‘the family of God’ or the ‘family of the church’. For Paul it is an all-including term and goes way beyond the ties of blood and includes all those who share a sense of home together in some way. It includes family but also visitors and those who serve often as slaves. It also includes those from whom we are physically separated but that we still consider part of our household. This is an important illustration for these times and for our sharing as those who follow Christ.

We wanted to share the positive news that we are beginning to make plans for opening our church buildings again. It is our intention to do so as soon as possible. A small group is meeting already to consider what will be needed for this to happen and to work with Local Church Stewards to assess and plan for opening again in each individual context. Opening our buildings will no doubt come with a range of specific requirements to do so safely. It will be an interesting and testing time, but we look forward with hope for the days when we can gather again for worship and service to our communities.

No Local Church will re-open without the affirmation that all is safely in place to do so from the Superintendent, in conjunction with ordained colleagues in pastoral charge and the senior Church Steward/s at each church.

Dial – a – Prayer
The Methodist Church has launched a new telephone service.  If you would like to hear a prayers or current Methodist Church national news there are two freephone numbers, shown below,
            Listen to a prayer:       0808 281 2514
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Sunday Worship
Birmingham District Live-streamed service 10:30 am

South Warwickshire Circuit recorded service

TV & radio opportunities for worship:

Radio 4, Sunday Worship, Sunday 8:10am,
Radio 4 Long Wave, Daily Service, 9.45am Mon-Fri,
Radio 3, Choral Evensong, Sunday 3pm.
BBC1, Sunday Worship, Sunday 10.45am,
BBC 1, Songs of Praise, Sunday 1:15pm

A reminder that if you are in pastoral need of any kind please contact your own Minister direct by email or phone. We may also be able to arrange practical help with shopping and so on. Our details are below.  If in any doubt, please contact Rev. Peter Powers at   and he will link you up with help locally to you.  

Rev. Barbara Greenwood 01926740846  

Rev. Audrey Simpson 01789267971  

Rev. Jeongsook Kim 07741461060  

Rev. Jemima Strain 07969345389  

Rev. Sam McBratney 07706586860  

Rev. Richard Wilde 07971218356  

Keep safe. Keep caring. Keep praying.

With every blessing to you and yours.

The Ministers and Stewards of the South Warwickshire Methodist Circuit of Churches

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